About The Book

In the #NoEstimates Book, Carmen is a project manager. She has a lot of experience running projects. She is respected and admired by her superiors and colleagues.

Her boss just told her that she will be managing the most important project in her company’s history. How will she tackle the largest, most difficult project she has managed to date?

There is no time to lose, she needs a new approach that helps her tackle this very challenging project.

Read the book and walk in Carmen’s shoes. Observe how she discovers and explores #NoEstimates. And most importantly, how she uses #NoEstimates to:

  • Manage expectations
  • Engage her client
  • Communicate clearly and effectively about project progress
  • Identify and solve serious risks for her project and her client

In this book you will learn about

  • What is #NoEstimates
  • How to adopt #NoEstimates without threatening people
  • How to measure and follow progress, in a way that gives you clear and actionable information
  • How #NoEstimates helps you steer your project to focus on value delivery
  • How to use #NoEstimates to negotiate scope in a way that has a real impact on the release schedule of your project

Email me at vasco.duarte@oikosofy.com if you have questions about the book or #NoEstimates