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The #NoEstimates book is finally going out to the presses, available for purchase in digital format in our sales page for the book.

The book explains many of ideas behind #NoEstimates, but this is a movement that is much larger that one person can even comprehend.

Because of that, and because I know you will want to know more I’ve spent many weeks preparing an extra set of material that you can use to explore the #NoEstimates ideas in much more depth than even one book allows for.

In the book proper we cover:

  1. Why estimation does not work and is dangerous for your projects (sample chapter)
  2. Estimation approaches and how they create waste in projects
  3. Rethinking Estimates and their alternatives
  4. How NoEstimates can help you manage projects in crisis
  5. The fast track to NoEstimates (includes a handy how-to guide)
  6. How to recover a project in trouble with the help of NoEstimates
  7. How to win customer’s trust with rolling wave forecasting and NoEstimates

We worked with Tomas Rybing and Evan Leybourn to create some much needed additional mini e-books:

  1. Ultimate Guide to Capacity Planning with #NoEstimates by Tomas Rybing
  2. How Much does it Cost?: A Guide to Agile Contracts by Evan Leybourn

But we also have 9 video interviews!

  1. 3 video interviews with #NoEstimates Pioneers: Woody Zuill, Neil Killick and Henri Karhatsu
  2. 4 video interviews with #NoEstimates practitioners with diverse background: Allan Kelly, Clinton Keith, Marcus Hammarberg, Chris Chapman
  3. 2 video interviews with CEO’s that explain how they apply #NoEstimates in their own companies: Diego Cenzano, CEO of Biko2; and Sven Ditz, CEO of

Ready to purchase the book and the extra material? Here’s where you can buy the #NoEstimates Book.

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